How the game works:

You have to save the reactor from having a meltdown. To do this you have to get the parts en put them in their respective place in the reactor room. If you manage to get all the parts in the right place before the time runs out you win! If you don't make it in town the reactor plant blows up with a gigantic shockwave.

The locations where the items need to go are displayed on the screenshots.


WASD to move (hold Shift to sprint);

use your mouse to look around

E to interact.


Describe implementation
The entire building blows up as a result of the shockwave caused by the meltdown of the reactor when you lose.


No pre-made assets were used

GameFreak21: Lead Programmer, Sound

Siddhart: Lead Design, programmer

The game was made using: Audacity, Unity, Piksel, Canva and Adobe Illustrator.


There might be some words that can be perceived as non-child friendly hidden in the easter eggs.


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Reactor Meltdown 20 MB

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